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Black Maze, the future of strength and beauty, is a Saudi brand specialized in designing and creating the best technologies for mobile accessories and mobile phone accessories to save your investment

VIP 15 iPhone case

iphone neon orange case

18.63 USD 34.83 USD

Special designs for the Blackmaz brand, high quality, efficiency and attractive view

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1-Beautiful Black Maze Cover with luminous material under the sun and in the dark

2- A cover that protects the phone from falling and scratching with high-impact air tips.

3- Available in multiple colors and formations to suit both men and women.

4- Smooth and firm on the hand.

5- Endless nano illumination derived from direct and indirect light radiation.

18.63 USD 34.83 USD
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عبدالرحيم المالكي

9 months ago

ممتاز وجوده ممتازه جداً وراح اكرر الطلب من موقعكم ان شاءالله شي يستاهل واسعار ممتازه ومناسبه