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Black Maze, the future of strength and beauty, is a Saudi brand specialized in designing and creating the best technologies for mobile accessories and mobile phone accessories to save your investment

بكج حماية ايفون 11 برو ماكس

بكج حماية ايفون متكامل

37.53 USD 53.73 USD

iPhone 11pro max protection package. (VIP) Protects the phone completely from falling up to 8 feet Contains 8 main products designed to keep the phone new It has been tested to the highest standards and the harshest conditions It includes a 19 D nano-technology for the screen and we have added an innovative magnetic smart grip that combines many features to facilitate the use of your mobile and highlight the aesthetics Unrivaled, back cover with thermal tips and a piece specifically designed to protect the camera and not affect the quality of photography at the same time, and easy to install with all the added attachments.

Ingredients :

1. HD Nano HD 19D Clear Screen Protector Protects Against Drops and Scratches.

2. Additional screen protector for anti-fingerprint matte finish with 19D Nano technology, very strong.

3. Transparent Cover With black edges.

4. Complete camera protection piece with lenses.

5. Cover the back with the ends to enhance protection.

6.   grip Maz Qareeb smart multi-features.

7. A modern iron piece that is fixed to non-metallic surfaces for the use of a nearby maz.

8. PUBG Gloves Anti-sweat.

Installation attachments :

1. An alcohol-based wipe to clean the mobile phone before installation.

2. A dry tissue to dry before installation.

3. Remove dust and bristles before installation.

4. A rugged mattress to hold the mobile phone during installation.

5. Thermal sticker installation helper to facilitate installation.

For more information, see the photos and video below:




We, in the Black Maz technical team, designed and developed the Diamond Shield protection package to meet the needs of our customers.

Because of the importance of your mobile phone and to save your investment

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37.53 USD 53.73 USD
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